Spelets agent och eleverna umgås socialt via chatt

bild artikelTill AIED konferensen 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, in Auckland, Nya Zeeland, presenterade Annika Silvervarg (Linköping Universitet) och kollegorna Lena Pareto, Magnus Haake, Thomas Strandberg samt Agneta Gulz (Lund Universitet) följande artikel 2011: An Educational Math Game with a Teachable Agent and a Social Chat (eftersom artikeln publiceras internationellt, är den på engelska.)
Abstrakt: We present an educational math game, including a teachable agent and a social chat, that trains basic arithmetic skills with a focus on grounding base-ten concepts in spatial representations. It employs a board-game design with a variety of different sub-games, game modes and levels of difficulty. [...] In other words, the basic game with the TA contains a form of on-task conversation between agent and student. But the game architecture also has been extended with a chat where the student can engage in conversation with the TA, writing freely by means of the keyboard and bring up basically any topic in a chat-like manner. [...] One reason to include off-task conversation is to enrich the game and its motivational qualities for the age group in question (12-14 year olds). Another is to be able to explore whether such a conversational module can enable pedagogical interventions, such as supporting pupils math self efficacy and change negative attitudes toward math in general. » Läs mer


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