Hur kan agenten påverka elevens sociala motivation och prestation i summativa tester

bild artikelTill AIED konferensen 15th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, in Auckland, Nya Zeeland, presenterade kollegan Björn Sjödén tillsammans med Lena Pareto, Betty Tärning samt Agneta Gulz (Lund Universitet) följande artikel 2011: Transferring Teaching to Testing – An Unexplored Aspect of Teachable Agents (eftersom artikeln publiceras internationellt, är den på engelska.)
Abstrakt: The present study examined whether socio-motivational effects from working with a Teachable Agent (TA) might transfer from the formative learning phase to a summative test situation. Forty-nine students (9-10 years old) performed a digital pretest of math skills, then played a TA-based educational math game in school over a period of eight weeks. Thereafter, the students were divided into two groups, matched according to their pretest scores, and randomly assigned one of two posttest conditions: either with the TA present, or without the TA. Results showed that low-performers on the pretest improved significantly more on the posttest than did high-performers, but only when tested with the TA. We reason that low-performers might be more susceptible to a supportive social context – as provided by their TA – for performing well in a test situation. » Läs mer


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