Om spelets agent och lärmodellen ”att lära-genom-vägledning”

bild artikelTill AIED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Education, in Brighton, Storbritannien, presenterade Lena Pareto följande artikel 2009: Teachable Agents that Learn by Observing Game Playing Behavior (eftersom artikeln publiceras internationellt, är den på engelska.)
Abstrakt:  An educational game in mathematics targets cognitive skills oincluding pattern finding and generalization from example by teaching an agent. These can be difficult for young children, let alone teaching about them. Therefore, we have designed a new way of teaching an agent, the teach-by-guiding model. We describe the model and its basic implementation. Because this is a work-inprogress, we end by raising questions of how such an agent is perceived, and in what respect it may differ from other pedagogical agents. » Läs mer på s.31


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