Introduktion av konceptet ”utility games”, spelutveckling ur nyttighetsperspektiv

bild artikelTill LearnIT konferensen Game in ´Action i Göteborg, presenterade Lena Pareto följande artikel 2007: Utility Games: gaming as a design strategy to achieve utility effects (eftersom artikeln publiceras internationellt, är den på engelska.)
Abstrakt: The objective of this study is to introduce the concept of utility games, to develop a characterization of such a game category, and to explore design and evaluation issues particular for this category. By utility games, we refer to games predominantly designed for utility purposes, and where gaming is viewed as a design strategy to achieve the utility. Four utility games were analysed, with the following dimensions: the overall context, the utility objective, the game setting, evaluations performed and challenges related to design and evaluation. The analysis shows that the utility aspects and the game design are highly interrelated and affect each other on all levels of the design, and that evaluations of utility games have many dimensions to consider. A summary of lessons learnt and some recommendations to utility game designers are provided. » Läs mer


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